Tasting Note: Wendouree 1977 Pressings

1. Introduction:
A very special and rare wine from a legendary winery!
Tony Brady sources his fruit from ancient, now more than 100-year-old vines.
This 1977 Pressings is a Shiraz/ Malbec blend bottled in 1979 with 13,7% alc.
The bottle was in a perfect condition since it directly came out of Tony´s museum stock a few weeks ago.
As the juice for this wine was extracted from the post-fermentation mass after the free-run juice was drained off, I expected the wine to be very intense in colour and with a high tannin content,
but let´s see what the ravages of time did to the wine…
It was quite a struggle to open the bottle, since the cork soaked up a lot of wine and got very soft and fragile.
Even a sophisticated corkscrew was not able to remove the cork without breaking.
But since the wine was filtered and decanted, the cork issues had no effect on the wine quality. It smelled intense and very inviting from the start!

2. Appearance:
Still deep dark-red with almost no signs of aging. Slightly light edges. Amazing!

3. Nose:
Dried Herbs, Hay, still nuances of Fruit as Dark, Dried Berries and Cherries, hints of Blue Cheese and Vanilla; later Vegetables.

4. Taste:
Dark Berries, Clove, Oak, Dark Chocolate, Earth; in the back: Berries, Spices, Pepper, traces of Anise.
Very long, warm and pleasing finish. Delicious!

5. Opinion:
One of those wines, where the immense complexity is hard to grasp!
A constantly changing and developing wine without any flaws.
Dense with a perfect structure and an amazing mouthfeel.
An intellectual expedition over many hours!