Tasting Note: Dönnhoff 2006 Hermannshöhle GG, Riesling


1. Introduction:
Dönnhoff owns more than half of the 8 ha (~20 acre) of the famous Hermannshöhle vineyard, which is officially classified as the best site in the entire Nahe appellation for more than 100 years.
Besides the dry Großes Gewächs (GG/ “Grand Cru”) Dönnhoff produces wines with residual sweetness from this southern- exposed, volcanic and slate-soiled vineyard located directly on the banks of the Nahe river, where the Riesling grape is able to enjoy a long growing season and to reach full physical ripeness without accumulating to much sugar.
The complex soils of black and grey slate, volcanic rock, porphyry and lime stone create wines with concentration and deep minerality.
Bottle and cork of our 2006 Hermannshöhle GG are flawless. 13% alc.

2. Appearance:
Golden with green reflexes. Shining and bright!

3. Nose:
Aromatics of (ripe) Stone Fruits, mostly Peach, and Citrus.
Fir Needles, Sweet Honey and Floral Characteristics.
Fine Flintstone and little Licorice.
Voluminous, fresh and precisely multi-layered!

4. Taste:
Dense and soft on the front palate with Stone- and Citrus Fruits.
Grapefruit, some Pear and Pineapple.
Dynamic, Fine and Dancing Acidity which shows powerful on the finish as well.
Finishes long with Fruit (Grapefruit!), Powerful Acidity, some interesting traces of Bitterness plus some Anise/ Pepper Spiciness.

5. Opinion:
Great expression of a famous vineyard in a beautiful interaction of Fruit, Acidity and Minerality.
Powerful, elegant and complex!
This just started to evolve. Armed with perfect structure, this wine will live for a long time.
There is so much in this wine; it´s big, but quiet and multifaceted without being obtrusive.

Hermannshöhle Vineyard, 04.2013

Tasting Note: Gut Hermannsberg 2011 Kupfergrube GG Riesling


1. Introduction:
Founded by the Prussians in today´s Nahe appellation in 1901 the first Riesling vines were planted in 1903.
In 2010 the winery, which is located in the middle of its largest vineyard site “Hermannsberg”, was renamed „Gut Hermannsberg“.
The legendary “Kupfergrube” (copper pool) is a steap vineyard of porous volcanic soils with great minerality and large copper inclusions.
Flawless bottle and cork. 13,5% alc.

2. Appearance:
Light Golden-Yellow. Vibrant.

3. Nose:
Yellow Fruit- Grapefruit, Citrus and Peach. Little Pineapple.
Obvious Minerality and Flintstone! Traces of Smoke and Raw Meat.
Herbal Spiciness.
Powerful, but harmonious and soft. Intriguing with personality and great complexity!

4. Taste:
More Yellow, mostly Tropical, Fruit of Peach, Grapefruit and little Citrus.
Smoky Minerality. Herbs.
Distinct Salty core with little Cheese.
Finishes long and powerful. Racy Acidity and Peppery Spiciness.

5. Opinion:
Rocky volcanic copper soils scream loud through this distinct Riesling.
Present minerality, density and power come in a well-balanced and harmonious package with a punchy finish, due to racy acidity and spiciness.
Interesting to see that the- even though still very present- flintstone and smoke characteristics, compared to tasting this wine a year ago, are much more integrated and reluctant in this little older wine. Fruit and softness were able to oppose, and created a much rounder and more sophisticated wine within one year only.
Fantastic Riesling with great potential!