Tasting Note: Prinz von Hessen 2008 Dachsfilet Riesling


1. Introduction:
Prinz von Hessen sources the 100% Riesling fruit from their best parcels of the Dachsberg vineyard right outside the town of Johannisberg in Germany´s Rheingau appellation to vinify this wine.
The gravel and quartzite soiled Dachsberg is the highest, steepest and most exposed site of the winery, where the vines are deep-rooted and produce extractive and mineral-driven wines.
With its first vintage in 2007, the 2008 Dachsfilet is only the second release of this wine.
Flawless bottle and cork. 12%alc.

2. Appearance:
Light yellow with green reflexes. Young & vibrant!

3. Nose:
Aromas of Stonefruits and little Grapefruit. Honeydew Melon.
More fruit with Gooseberry and even Cassis (!).
Freshness of Floral and Herbal characters.
Straightforward, fresh and inviting with elegance and power!

4. Taste:
Again Stonefruit- mostly Peach- Citrus and Gooseberry.
Beautiful fruity acidity. Decent Minerality.
Intense, long finish with Yellow Fruit and emphasis on Herbal Spiciness (Anise!).
In the beginning clean and tight with a soft and light mouthfeel, but developing power and density on the mid- palate and finish.
Harmonious and elegant with medium complexity.

5. Opinion:
A nicely balanced, very approachable and delicious wine!
It still appears very young with no signs of aging at all.
Beautiful crisp- and freshness, filigree minerality and a powerful finish.

The Dachsberg Vineyard (08/2013)

Tasting Note: Prinz von Hessen 2011 Steckenpferd


1. Introduction:
The Prinz von Hessen winery strongly focuses on Riesling and sources most of its grapes from premium sites in the Rheingau; e.g. Johannisberger Klaus or Winkeler Hasensprung. Thereby, the winery is well-known for their top First Growth Dry Rieslings, which will be tasted in this Blog soon, too, but today we center our interest on Prinz von Hessen´s latest release: Steckenpferd.
With the current release of the 2011 vintage, we took the opportunity to taste this new release in their range of products.
As with all of Prinz von Hessen´s Riesling releases since 2010 the Steckenpferd is under a screwcap closure.

2. Appearance:
Straw yellow and bright in the glass.

3. Nose:
Fruit aromas of Apple, Grapefruit and Apricot. Fresh Mint and traces of Vanilla.
Very fresh, juicy and dense, but elegant. A good combination!

4. Taste:
Again predominantly Fruit characters of Apples, sweet Grapefruit and Apricot.
Present residual Sweetness joined by finely granulated Acidity.
Finishes medium-long with Juicy Fruit, beautiful Mineral characters and traces of Anise and Pepper.
Freshness with decent complexity!

5. Opinion:
A refreshing, vibrant wine with bright acidity and well integrated sweetness of fruits.
It is easy to drink, but anything else than boring. Nice body and flavor length!
And, a great value for money.

at Prinz von Hessen Nov. 2011